This week I have been working on a nice little design project in Cheltenham.  The Regency character of the town has prompted to look again at proportions and harmonic ratios such as the ‘Golden Section’. It’s been years since I looked at this. In fact probably not since Year One at Architecture School. We were all asked to fill a sheet of paper with drawn rectangles. They weren’t measured they were drawn quickly in a way that we thought seemed right and pleasing. Amazingly a significant proportion were near or exact ‘Golden Sections’. This leads me to the conclusion that getting things looking right is a matter of experience but also intuition which I don’t think is a function in CAD. We all know all when things appear to look and feel and right because underneath that perception are the universal harmonics; 1 x 1.618, which underpins the composition of everything in the universe.

So here are some pages from my Moleskin illustrating how I am trying to remember how to do it. I wonder if it’s still taught in Architecture School? Somehow I doubt it…

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