The world I see in reality and memory are what informs my work. Many of the pieces are named after a past place, a glimpsed memory or event. I never have a plan for a piece or any preconceived ideas about the output. In fact the less I think about the work’s outcome, the better it is. This for me is conscious action, a meditation, where joy, achievement and success are already locked inside the process, not the product.

There is no plan for you the viewer either. It’s all down to you. I invite you to feel whatever it is you feel when you look at the painting. Colour, line, shape and speed are what attract me so I work generally in mediums and techniques that lend themselves to richness, ease of use.

As Micheal said to Neil in Michael Mann’s film HEAT. – “The action is the juice.”


1986 – Royal Academy of Arts – Architecture

1989 – Royal Academy of Arts – Architecture

1991 – Royal Academy of Arts – Architecture

1992 – Royal Academy of Arts – Architecture

2001 – RIBA Architecture Gallery

 2015 – CUBE 

 2019 – Chorlton Arts Festival 

2021 – Chorlton Arts Festival

2021 – Manchester HOME

2023 Bath Society of Artists OPEN