Mick is pioneering the application of Modern Meditation technology and techniques. This unique 21st Century mix of time tested wisdom and contemporary insight and research is rapidly pointing towards humanity’s next evolutionary shift. Everywhere we are seeing evidence of new psychological and physiological growth that manifests with Modern Meditation practice.

Mick has taught, practiced and studied the art and science of yoga for over 25 years. He links his work back to core wisdom and particularly the ancient yoga insight, ‘Sat Chit Ananda’ – Being, Consciousness, Joy. This confirms what modern science is now beginning to see and understand. Through Modern Meditation practice there is a natural falling away of ones limiting, self-created subconscious paradigm which hitherto was the source of fear, stress and anxiety. An inner peace in the body grows as gradually the mind begins to clear, open up and ‘switch on’. Then the Modern Meditation practitioner begins to ‘see’ that underneath thinking is a deeper conscious reality, than the reality of ordinary day-to-day consciousness. This new sense of ‘Being’ shapes one’s ‘Doing’ as new power is uncovered manifesting in an ability to cope and even thrive with all activities, experiences and eventualities in the world.

As a collaborator in business Mick, designs and leads self-activation programmes for workplaces interested in using his Modern Meditation principles and techniques to boost employees’ creativity, innovation, insight, effectiveness and wellbeing.

Similarly, in Education he works across the whole sector from Primary to University helping both staff and students deal with stress and anxiety while working to increase confidence, focus and attainment. Additionally, Mick works in Health Care with the NHS, particulary administrators and clinical teams helping them wellbeing and resilience. Similarly Mick also runs Modern Meditation based stress reduction programmes in Social Care with a number of UK charities. He is a Registered Meditation Practitioner with the Mental Health Foundation. Mick also regularly delivers private coaching and wellbeing programmes for individuals, communities and families. In addition to offering a variety of online courses and webinars, he personally leads workshops, courses and retreats.