What does the world need you to do right now?

You might know the answer to this question, not as a fully formed instruction but an internal felt sense of momentum, potential and creative impulsive.  

In all his teaching Mick points us towards knowing this deep constant creative principle at the heart everyone and everything.  With practice we can use this unlimited potential by going inwards and utilising Modern Meditation techniques. We can raise our innate creative intelligence (CQ) and make our day-to-day life into a flowing, joy, filled deeply felt experience of purpose. To follow your bliss and to shift from a half-awake life of unconscious reaction to conscious action.

So What action are You called to do?

Modern Meditation based (MMb) Coaching & Mentoring 

Mick offers highly effective 1-2-1 Modern Meditation based (MMb) coaching sessions to help you change perspective, make that conscious shift and affirm this creative intelligence as a real living force in you day so that it becomes second nature to you. You will find you become a real living and effective force for positive change in your workplace, at home and in your community. You will discover you have greater control over circumstances, feelings, thoughts and outcomes. You become your own Inner Architect and start to shape the world around accordingly.  

Each live online MMb session with Mick will last one hour. It’s your chance to unleash your natural inner creative momentum for growth and transformation. To empower the experience of the real YOU wanting to express and manifest in the World. 

Through his courses, workshops and teaching Mick works with people who are being called to live a more conscious, creative life of presence and purpose – Which is just about all of us! Those benefiting from a Modern Mediation based Coaching and Mentoring session might just be:

  • Struggling with where and how they feel right now
  • Wanting to feel more empowered, stronger and focused
  • Working with a life changing idea that might just change the world too
  • Looking to feel happier and healthier
  • Wanting to get past negative thoughts and feelings that hold them back

What’s next?

To book your special 1-2-1 coaching selection with Mick just click on the link below to get started. No Modern Meditation experience  is required to make progress. Mick will guide you. Just come to the session with an open, receptive mindset and discover what it is you can do to change from the inside out.

For the session you will need:

  • Notebook and pen 
  • A good upright comfortable chair 
  • An hour or so in your diary where you can direct and hold your attention
  • A warm undisturbed room without distractions
  • Laptop and earphones